The history of the House

According to the story, this house was built in 1474 by the will of René d’Anjou. René, called “the good king René”, was duke of Anjou, count of Provence, duke of Bar, duke of Lorraine, king of Naples, holder of Sicily and nominal king of Jerusalem.

This house is sometimes called House of the Chapter (dependence of the neighboring canonical house – now tourist office), sometimes the Castle, sometimes the House of King René or the House of Ollivier after the name of its first owner, Pierre Ollivier, tax attorney between 1474 and 1490, at the origin of the monumental fireplace enthroned in the “red lounge”.

Before the revolution, the arms of the family of Jeanne de Laval, second wife of the king, were included. Remodeled and enlarged in the 18th century, it housed the famous King René’s Inn. It is now a guest house that we will make you discover with pleasure.

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